My CB Inktober

I took part in a different challenge in October alongside my regular work.

During the month of October, many artists participate in Inktober, a personal project that had been set up by Mr Jake Parker which has grown with each year since it’s inception in 2009. The basic premise for it is to do an ink drawing each day for an entire month. You can read more about it here:

This will be my third year and instead of doing self-directed drawings I decided to follow along with the prompts and suggestions presented by Lisa Congdon in her “Inktober Daily Challenge: 31 Days of Drawing and Painting with Ink”, which you can still follow if you are keen on brushing up your skills with ink. You can do that here: where you can try them out for free for the first 7 days and then there is a low monthly fee if you would like to continue. I was usually limiting myself to black and white ink lately but Lisa’s lessons included using coloured inks; to overlay them and mix them. I had so much fun with it and loved the results so I will be using ink more than I already am. Below are some of the works I produced for #CBInktober.

It is by taking part in these daily practices and challenges that we can extend ourselves and out art practise.

My Spoonflower calendar tea towel design for 2019

Every year I like to produce at least one tea towel design with a calendar. I love beautiful textiles in my home and the calendar option seems to be a very popular for gifts around Christmas time. I will also offer a version without the calendar and I am thinking of offering the painted illustration as an art quality (giclee) print.

The illustration is based on the Chinoiserie style and includes Australian native birds and some native Australian flora as well and was hand painted with a watercolour wash and then gouache was used over the top of the wash.  I have placed the calendar at the top of the design so that the illustration shows when you hang your tea towel.

The birds on the calendar are from bottom left; Spotted Parladote, Purple Crowned Fairy Wren (on the blue bird house),  White Plumed Honeyeater above, centre and the bird on the green bird house is a Chestnut Rumped Heath Wren. The native flowers that have been included are Black Wattle, Flannel Flowers, Pincushion Hakea and the pink flowers have been inspired by some simple roses at the Botanical Gardens, Mount Tambourine, Queensland, Australia.

The tea towel will be available from my Spoonflower shop as fabric, which you can cut and sew yourself.  Linen cotton canvas is good for tea towels, and you'll need one fat quarter for one tea towel. If you would like to be notified when the design or stitched tea towels are available, please sign up for the newsletter so I can keep you informed.


Objects of Desire Exhibition and my first blog post.

This is my first blog post.

After years of teaching Visual Communication Design at the University of Newcastle, I have spent the last 3 years creating lots of work and trying out different work options and in an effort to work out where I want to be. Illustration and painting are a passion so I have decided to focus on image making.

My intentions for this blog is to post info about my activities as I discover what it is to be a freelancer after having had a break from it for years and any useful info that is art and design related that I find along the way. I used to do this for my students so now you will be getting the benefit of my expertise.

I have always seen myself as an artist and last year I entered the Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize as I have exhibited one or two pieces in galleries often, I have not had my own show. I had been reading some material about working as a creative when deciding on what to enter and I recall hearing a podcast about remaining authentic to who you are and as I have been a big fan of still life, I decided to enter a still life painting, called “Bush Flowers and Blue Wren”. I made the cull and my work was displayed in the exhibition, and even appeared on NBN news. This painting will be in the exhibition too.

As a result of my entry into the Newcastle Emerging Artist Prize, I was asked by Ahn Wells if I would be interested in participating in an exhibition based on still life; my favourite genre and one of my favourite  galleries, Gallery 139 at 139A Beaumont Street, Hamilton (not  far from my office). I could not refuse this opportunity and the exhibition will be called Objects of Desire and is taking place from the 23rd February  to  Sunday 12th March, with the official opening on Saturday 25th February from 2PM-4PM. It will be a small group exhibition with 4 other Newcastle artists; Lydia Miller, Sally Behrens, Christina Frogley and Ritual Object.

If you are interested in seeing my work in progress while I prepare for the exhibition, there are previews on my Instagram and Facebook pages, or on the Instagram Feed page on my website. The exhibition details are in the attached invitation below. I would love to see you there and I am going to be participating in a Meet the Artist session on Saturday 4th March at the Gallery from 2PM to 4PM.

©Daniela Glassop - Bush Flowers and Blue Wren (will be in the exhibition and for sale)

©Daniela Glassop - Bush Flowers and Blue Wren (will be in the exhibition and for sale)

Objects Of Desire invitiaion