Where did November go?

After taking part in two illustration challenges, one after the other, I think I had run out of puff with posting daily. I ended up using some of the month doing some research relating to style and the direction I want to go which is just building on a love that I already had with the patterning, textures and trying to be more economical with my use of colour in an attempt to make my work more interesting. I have been a fan of Andy Warhol’s and Mary Blair’s commercial illustrations for a long time, and when I left school my intention was to be a commercial artist/illustrator but got side tracked by learning about graphic design, which has been extremely helpful as it has developed my visual language, taught me to treat design problems as a designer, weighing up objectives and budgets to work out the best solution, taught me the intricacies of preparing art for print and then later, online use; all of these skills I use daily in my work. I ended up participating in the Mid-Century Masterclass, with Dustin Lee from Retro Supply and Brad Woodward from Brave the Woods.

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