The 100 day project 2017

For me, creating every day is as necessary as breathing and as I met so many other great people also taking part in the 100 day project or people that became fans of my work I decided to take part in the 100 day challenge again. The daily practice does also give me the opportunity to play, experiment or just further develop ideas. 

My aim for this 100 day challenge is to work with limits so my hashtag is #WorkingWithLimits. I have also broken the challenge down into different limits which I will loosely follow; 20 days of limited colour; 20 days of collage; 20 days of people illustrations; 20 days of animal illustrations and 20 spot food illustrations. 

My latest images for the challenge and a few extra posts of other work in progress here, and you can also see all the work here.

Some images from my 100 day project ©Daniela Glassop