Progress in my 100 day project

During my 100 day project this year I did make a point on making collections of work rather than many disparate elements; I tried some different ways of creating new illustrations and I now feel more comfortable working digitally for entire illustrations where it used to not feel like a natural way for me to work. The approach to groupings seems to have paid off as I was contacted by the Nuovo Group as they were interested in taking many of my illustrations to print for greeting cards. Nuovo group and the greeting cards are currently on display at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre until tomorrow. Some of the greeting cards were photographed for me by Kirsten Katz who happened to be in Melbourne last weekend and visited the show (see below).

The 100 day project is a great experience and I have enjoyed the opportunity to experiment. If you would like to do a 100 day project, it is easier to do if you have others joining you, but it is about setting yourself a project or intention and then share on social media so that you get others involved and following along even if you can’t post every day.