A commissioned painting makes a very special gift…

Work with Daniela to create a very special and personal gift; a commissioned work for individuals, groups, or professional organizations or just a special piece of art that helps to tell your story.

It could be a painting that includes items of significance, heirlooms or a bridal bouquet.

Grandma's Teacup and Wattlebird

Grandma's Teacup and Wattlebird

This painting was created for a painting commission where the client wanted a meaningful piece of art. The client had a very special cup and saucer that had belonged to her Grandmother, she had a love of cup cakes and peonies, and the wattlebird is a bird that would often visit her back yard. The window, vase and dining setting came from the client’s home too.


My goal in accepting commissions is for the process to be both gratifying for me as an artist and pleasurable for those who have chosen to integrate my art into their living or working environment. I price my work using a formula that factors in the dimensions of the work, the costliness of the materials to be used, the deadline, and the labor-intensity of the techniques and processes that will be employed in creating the work. Please note that an up-front design fee is charged for all projects. When a client chooses to move forward with the design, the full amount of the design fee is applied toward the cost of the project; should a client choose not to move forward with the design after receiving an initial drawing, the design fee is retained as compensation for my time in developing the design concept.

In addition, once a design has been agreed upon, I will require a materials fee before production begins. Should a client refuse the finished artwork, the materials fee is retained to cover the cost of materials and time spent creating the artwork.

I hope we can work together to create something beautiful for your home or office.

Thank you for your interest in my artwork.