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Testimonials by people I have worked with:

Daniela’s work is of exceptional quality and beauty. Her unique designs reflect her careful consideration of her client’s requests. Always above and beyond.
— Christina Gerakiteys, Ideation at Work.
When you hire Daniela, you have the pleasure of working with an artist. Artists have a way of teaching us to see what is not immediately visible. They see with different eyes. That is their function and their gift to us. Daniela was able to interpret what I was telling her about my business and translated it into something beautiful that is representative of what I wanted. She has many, many years of experience and is truly passionate about what she does.
— Rita Barnett

Hi, I'm Daniela Glassop, an artist, illustrator, graphic and surface pattern designer based in Newcastle, Australia.

I have always loved to make things and I like to think that producing art for products is a great way to share the joy of creative work in everyday products.

I am able to offer the following options: 

• I can help you with producing original illustrations for your projects and prepare them to your specifications, with an expertise in food, floral and decorative illustrations.

• I have art for products which can be licensed or I can create something new. I have far more work than appears on this site so if you have a particular need, I am happy to see if I already have an image that will suit your needs and sell it to you or license it to you. I also welcome licensing opportunities and commissions.

• My favourite way to work is to collaborate directly with a manufacturer, bringing to life a beautiful product that we can be proud of that will resonate with buyers.

• I am responsive with an easy-to-work-with manner; happy to supply fully-layered files and my graphic design background has given me a knowledge of production-related issues.

• I can create an original painting for your business or home, and

• I have original paintings, prints, greeting cards, illustrated gifts and textiles and bags based on my designs for sale.

My illustrations and paintings are usually based on capturing the beauty and essence of the natural environment, flora, fauna and food. I am inspired by architecture, vintage items, the fashion industry and the decorative arts. The style of my work is made of layers, details and contrasts to get the viewer's attention and then to have details to linger on. My gallery paintings tend to be based on still life, food and nature.

My influences are diverse and include Matisse, Rousseau, Klimt, William Morris and the decorative arts.

The result is an abundance of colour, pattern and texture . 

I have fine art and graphic design training and have worked as a graphic designer/illustrator for design studios, advertising agencies and also taught Visual Communication and all aspects of graphic design and illustration at The University of Newcastle where I was a founding member of the Design Faculty. I even worked on animation cels for Hanna-Barbera many years ago.

Fabric is another constant in my life as I grew up surrounded by colourful fabrics, my mother being involved in the fashion industry. Designing for fabric and surface patterns is a personal passion, as is the making of fibre art.

My illustration and surface pattern designs are for both commercial use, including publishing and surface design industries, and home decor for those wanting a custom look for their homes.

I am constantly adding to my portfolio so please contact me if you are looking for something special or like something on my site.


I live in Newcastle, Australia with my husband, 2 sons, 2 cats and the ring tailed possums, birds and lizards that visit my garden. When I am not painting, drawing or designing, I also like to cook, garden and make things with fabric; and always with music.

You can contact me at hello@DanielaGlassop.com.

“The social media and design assistance I received from Daniela was spot on!
I am pleased with the logo design and the way she was able to connect and style my social media platforms to give uniformity to the overall look of my business.
Daniela also set-up my blog and assisted me to understand some of the social media concepts that had previously eluded me. She has a professional approach and is very easy to work with.”
— Jennifer O’Brien,

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