Hi, I'm Daniela Glassop, an artist/designer based in Newcastle, Australia.

My illustrations and paintings are often based on capturing the beauty and essence of the natural environment, flora, fauna and food. They impart a sense of beauty, optimism and delight. I like to create items that help myself and others to create their own sanctuaries.

I am also inspired by architecture, vintage items and the fashion industry.

I am able to offer the following services: 

• Producing original illustrations and design for print, web or on products and prepare them to your specifications.

• I have art for products which can be licensed or I can create something new. I have far more work than appears on this site and am happy to organise a private online gallery to suit your requirements.

• I welcome art licensing opportunities and commissions.

• My favourite way to work is to collaborate directly with an art director, art buyer or manufacturer so that we can bring a beautiful product that we can be proud of to life that will also resonate with buyers.

• I am responsive with an easy-to-work-with manner; happy to supply fully-layered files tailored to your specifications for production.

• I am a member of Illustrators Australia. https://www.illustratorsaustralia.com/portfolios/daniela-glassop/

You can contact me at hello@DanielaGlassop.com

Don Beppino's The House of Lasagna branding

Don Beppino's The House of Lasagna branding

Don Beppino's The House of Lasagna branding
Daniela Glassop-Studio from top


Daniela’s work is of exceptional quality and beauty. Her unique designs reflect her careful consideration of her client’s requests. Always above and beyond.
— Christina Gerakiteys, Ideation at Work.
When you hire Daniela, you have the pleasure of working with an artist. Artists have a way of teaching us to see what is not immediately visible. They see with different eyes. That is their function and their gift to us. Daniela was able to interpret what I was telling her about my business and translated it into something beautiful that is representative of what I wanted. She has many, many years of experience and is truly passionate about what she does.
— Rita Barnett
“The social media and design assistance I received from Daniela was spot on!
I am pleased with the logo design and the way she was able to connect and style my social media platforms to give uniformity to the overall look of my business.
Daniela also set-up my blog and assisted me to understand some of the social media concepts that had previously eluded me. She has a professional approach and is very easy to work with.”
— Jennifer O’Brien,